Alternative Mental Health

Alternative Mental Health Resources

If you don’t want to deal with the VA, you do not have to. We just want you to know that you can get access to counseling resources or someone to talk to in the community. In Birmingham and the surrounding area, there are several individuals and organizations working to help Veterans in need. Most of these organizations are faith based, but in most cases they do not require conversion to a certain religion to get help.

Soldier’s Heart Ministry –  A local organization headed up by Chris Gill. He is a Marine Veteran that has worked with local and international Veterans suffering with the wounds of war. Chris is well versed in Moral Injury and has facilitated various retreats for Veterans in the area.


Grace Solutions Veterans Ministry – Their mission is to engage veterans and their families with the gospel through counseling, discipleship, fellowship outdoor recreation, fitness, restful retreats and Bible study while combining the resources of local veterans’ organizations.


We know of other individuals in the community that have Veteran church groups and provide individuals support and guidance through their networks. When in doubt, just contact us and we can send you in the right direction.