Donations are Alabama Veteran’s Lifeline.

Alabama Veteran keep Veterans connected with opportunities to stay active by focusing on physical, social, emotional wellness. Sounds tough, not really. If we aim small we will miss small, right? Right. Alabama Veteran keeps its sights locked on the 50 meter targets, promoting a healthy competitive lifestyle that not only puts Veterans enrolled in our programs back in the saddle, but reestablishes community-wide camaraderie and fellowship after the service.


This is your chance to make a difference in the life of our nation’s finest.When you donate to Alabama Veteran you become a supporter of injured disabled, and recently separated Veterans. Did you know that the service to civilian transition process can initially take up to two years before Veterans adjust to the post-service culture? Alabama Veteran’s goal is to accelerate that process by engaging Veterans in a resource heavy, peer-to-peer environment. that equips them with the necessary confidence to tackle life’s obstacles head on and with a plan.


Alabama Veteran is operated by an all volunteer staff, most of us Veteran ourselves who either served in Afghanistan or Iraq or both. Last year we connected with over 1600 Veterans and saved 4 failing marriages through our Strong Bond events. We also answered the call to over 2300 requests for assistance. Whether it was helping Veterans navigate education benefits of connecting them with Veteran employment firms, Alabama Veteran was there from start to finish.

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