Resources and Direction

A job search can be chaotic and confusing sometimes, and Veteran’s employment needs vary. Some of us have jobs lined up when leaving the Service and others don’t start looking until they get out. Whatever the case, there are a few elements that all Veterans can apply to ensure success.
 Don’t do this on your own. It is always good to have an ally and as a Veteran you have access to a few resources and organizations that can help you find employment. 

Local Level Experts

​​Still Serving Veterans (SSV)- SSV is the local expert organization in Alabama to help you with finding employment. They have offices in 3 locations in the State. In the Birmingham area they focus on Veteran Employment. Contact them to to get assistance with your resume, your job search, potential opportunities and networking.

​​135 Gemini Circle, Suite 204
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Phone (205) 670-1955 | Fax (205) 637-7917

Employment Toolkit


Networking is the most important part of you career search. Here are a few special programs that can provide this resource.


American Corporate Partners (ACP) –  ACP is a non-profit that offers tools for long-term career development through mentoring, career counseling and networking opportunities. You can sign up as a Protege to get connected with a Mentor nationally in your desired career field.


Hire Heroes USA – Hire Heroes is a national organization that provides Veteran employment guidance. Transitioning service members can register with them to get access to online career coaching and transition workshops.


Young Professionals of Birmingham – This is a connection portal for young professionals in the Birmingham area. Review the site to get information on events and potential professional opportunities.


Resume & Cover letters– Reach out to SSV to get direct assistance with developing your resume, Hire Heroes has various Resume Tools as well, and AMVETS has a page with multiple Resume Tips and cover letter examples. There is not one correct way to do this, find a format that you like and perfect it.


LinkedIn for Veterans –  LinkedIn offers U.S. Veterans a free one-year Job Seeker Premium account. There are a few simple steps. Visit the link to learn more.


​Interviewing Skills – You need to have a plan and there are various ways to prepare. You can use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) Technique, the S.O.A.R. (Situation, Obstacles, Action, Result) Answer Model or Performance Based Interviewing answers. Google the various techniques, find one you like and use it.


Often when separating from service Veterans just look for a job and wait. In our experience getting involved in something helps you network and build out your skill set. There are numerous ways to get involved. Do it! Go out, get involved and build your skills.


Mission Continues (MC) Fellowship Program – The MC Fellowship program provides Post 9/11 Veterans with “the opportunity to continue service to their nation by leading in their communities.” The Fellowship provides the Veteran with training, a monthly stipend and involves 20 hours of service per week, for 26 weeks, at a nonprofit organization within their community. Plus, you’ll get a cool shirt.


Team Rubicon – Team Rubicon give you the opportunity to use your military skills and experiences to deploy and help with emergency response locally, nationally or internationally. Sign up as a volunteer and you can get access to training, camaraderie and the chance to help communities impacted by disaster. Also, you get a cool shirt out of this as well.


VA Workstudy Positions – If you are a Veteran, or a Veteran family member, attending an institution of higher education while using a VA educational benefit you are eligible for this program. The program offers 20 hours a week with pay to assist with service to Veterans at your institution. Reach out to the Veteran Service employees at your college or university to get more information. You can find their contact info on our Education page.