Finance & Legal


Most of the available resources are for financial hardships. If you are interested in financial information about starting a business or buying a house contact us. We will make a personal connection between you and someone who can help.

National Hardship Assistance

There are many organizations who provide monetary support on a temporary basis for military and Veterans. In the categories of financial support for rent and expenses, or crisis support. Each organization has a qualification review process. You may need to provide supporting and military service documentation or endorsements.


USA Cares Emergency Assistance – This Emergency Assistance program can pay immediate, essential bills, including food and utility bills.


Operation Family Fund – This organization can provide financial grants to eligible Veterans, service members or family members to meet personal, short and long term living needs in these areas; food, rent or utilities, emergency transportation and vehicle repair, funeral expenses, legal expenses, medical/dental expenses, assistance with a home, rental, lease, purchase or home improvements, assistance with the purchase, rent or lease of a vehicle, trauma training and counseling, caregiver training and support.


Operation First Response – ​ The Military Family Assistance Program’s main purpose is to alleviate the financial difficulties facing Veteran and military families. They assist in the area of rent, bills, travel and clothing. ​Services are subject to funds available at the time of request.

Local Assistance

If you would like to look for financial assistance in the Birmingham area and in the surrounding community 211 Alabama is your best option. They will be able to guide you through the process and give you insight into what is available. Go to their website or simply call 211 on your local phone for assistance.

Legal Assistance

There are a few different options available to the citizens of Alabama. We have not tested any of these resource, but we are working in the community trying to figure out what the best options are. If you would like to get personal insight into your specific legal issue or just have a conversation please feel free to contact usSome of the resources are specifically for low income individuals. 

Alabama Legal Services

Birmingham Volunteer Lawyers Program –  This program is managed by area lawyers to help with evictions, collections and garnishments, divorce, child support, visitation and other civil problems. – ​Legal Services Alabama offices handle civil cases only. Each office has lawyers licensed to practice in Alabama and other staff who know how to help low-income people resolve their legal problems.


The American Bar Association (ABA) Pro Bono Resources for Veterans – This site catalogs Pro Bono legal services by area, state and availability.


U.S. Armed Forces Legal Services – Active members of the Military can use this site to find legal resource available near them.