Our Philosophy


To make a positive impact in the lives of our Veterans through informed, collaborative decisions.


“We can never fully repay the debt we owe to our men and women who wear the uniform, but it is our duty to try.”


– George W. Bush


Our Delivery


​Like we said, Alabama Veteran is a one of a kind organization with a great mission. We run a 100% All Volunteer Staff of mostly Veterans. Most of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Community Ambassadors have deployed in support of combat operations around the world. We’ve each transitioned from service to civilian and are well aware of the challenges that await our transitioning service members. If no one awaits them on this side of the fence to guide them in the right direction, then consider a sizable portion of them lost.


That was unacceptable while we were in uniform. It is unacceptable today. Help us help our Veterans. What makes Alabama Veteran unique is that we have given the community full access to get involved in making a meaningful impact on the lives of our Veterans- Keeping them engaged and making positve moves cannot be accomplished without your help and that of our awesome staff!


Jesse Elders
President, Alabama Veteran