VA Healthcare



To set up or change appointments call
205-933-8101, ext. 2963 or 1-800-872-0328.​
For appointments with Special Programs
contact them directly. ​​​


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Red – Primary Care/Walk in
Gold – Preventive and Chronic Disease

Management & OEF/OIF
Blue – Geriatric Primary Care

Accessing the System

Once you get out of service, figuring out Healthcare can be complex. VA Eligibility is based on type of service, discharge, eligibility for disability or income.  We want to provide
you with an understanding of how to access these services and be your ally if you need support.

Enrollment or Apply

The first thing you have to do is enroll in the Healthcare system. You can do this in person, online or over the phone. Here is the enrollment page. Often enrolling in person is easiest. Transferring form another VA? Contact the Eligibility Office at 205-558-4724 to set up care.

Eligibility Office Location

Business Office – Eligibility
700 South 19th Street
​Birmingham, AL 35233

Getting Care

Once you are enrolled you will be scheduled for an initial appointment. These initial appointments will set you up with your primary care doctor. If you need assistance you can reach out to Special Programs staff or contact Alabama Veteran for assistance. To set up or change appointments call 205-933-8101, ext. 2963 or 1-800-872-0328.​ For appointments with Special Programs contact them directly. ​

Special Programs

Transition Management Program 
For Veterans transitioning out of service.

Jeff Bloch, LCSW
OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager
(205) 933-8101, ext. 5316


Wendy Pounders, LCSW
OEF/OIF/OND Case Manager
(205) 933-8101, ext. 6361


(see website for more contacts)

Women Veterans Clinic
​Helps coordinate all the services of Women Veterans. ​

Women’s Health Clinic Main Line
205-933-8101 ext. 5446, 5447


Amy  Southern, MSN, RN-BC
Women Veterans Program Manager
​(205) 933-8101 Ext. 4758

Caregiver Support
Local and national resource for Veteran Caregivers. ​

Kelli Puhnaty, RN
205-933-8101 Ext. 3301


Theresa Vollor

Tangie Macon, LCSW
205-933-8101 Ext. 5345

VA Disability Claims and Compensation 

​If you were injured during service you are eligible for compensation and VA healthcare. These injuries do not have to be catastrophic, they can be simple wear and tear. If you didn’t start a claim while separating from service, you can start today.


Apply for VA Disability – In Alabama, to start a VA disability claim you can work with the Alabama Department of Veteran Affairs (ADVA). The ADVA is a State of Alabama organization, funded by the national VA, in place to provide help with claims. You will need your discharge or separation papers (DD214 or equivalent) and all medical evidence (doctor and hospital reports). This map will show you where the nears office is. Click here for contact info.

​Getting assistance with an ongoing claim – ​The VA disability claims process is ridiculously complex and time consuming. You will need an ally or a 3rd party organization that can act as your expert assistant.. In the State of Alabama all of the ally organizations have representatives at the Montgomery Regional Benefit Office (MRBO). Click here for MRBO contact information. If you need help selecting who to work with please contact us.