Alabama Veteran is a registered 501c(3) organization with the goal of creating opportunities for Veterans to remain engaged and working towards reaching their full potential in life after the military. We are able to do this by promoting the spirit of camaraderie through outdoor activities, fitness, social engagement and through curating a network of providers who each deliver specialized services in accordance with our Veterans’ individual needs.


There are so many questions asked and not entirely understood when we leave the military. Some feel they are prepared for the next steps, while others get lost in the transition. That’s where we step in to help one another, just as we did in the military.

Just as you were broken down from your civilian lifestyle when joining the military, we assimilate ourselves as cadre to teach you how to reintegrate back into post-military life with the same support.

Veterans encounter a barrage of changes that can seem overwhelming and difficult to process in a short period of time once they leave the military. The TAPs (Transition Assistance Program) that you will attend at the end of your time in the military will likely be the source of this barrage and can leave you overwhelmed and unfulfilled in this one or two-day workshop. The military spent weeks changing you from civilian to service member, but days on the service to civilian side. The most important thing that the military teaches is teamwork. Accomplishing any mission relies upon many factions of support. That is why Alabama Veteran is one of the largest peer-to-peer networks that use this concept. We are the conduit to these “factions” that help you accomplish your mission of transiting by using a network of providers and support systems to better prepare you.


Alabama Veteran is a transformation catalyst.


Transformational Catalyst: Guides or facilitates another person’s transformation that causes change in awareness of their actions, behaviors, and thoughts, but they are not involved in the transformation or change themselves.


We don’t “reinvent the wheel” in a process that’s been around for decades, but instead we “ground guide” you along the way to ensure that every step you need help with, we connect you with the right resources that are already pre-existing. Every transition assistance amenity that is available is rarely known or even heard of. That is why we see it as a way to help Veterans identify and utilize both Federal and State assistance programs that are here for you in your transition. We use the peer-to-peer network mentality, because what better way to get a straight answer about what works and what doesn’t, than from a fellow Veteran that has already navigated the process successfully.

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